Executive Management Team

Bobby Barnes Vice President
Justin Barnes Vice President
Tom Blackwell Executive Vice President
Scott Clayton Executive Vice President
Chris Condon Vice President
Bud Daleiden Vice President
James Edington Vice President
Florian Eppinger Chief Information Officer
Sean Evans Vice President
Bill Faulkner Vice President
Joe Fians Vice President
Pete Frederick Vice President
Garfield Grant Vice President
Angelo Huertas Torres Vice President
Dan Hutmacher President and CEO
Kate Kenny Vice President
Mark Koch National Director
Lissa McFarlin Vice President
Ian Molyneux Vice President
Chris Mylonas Executive Vice President
Patrick Price Vice President
Darryl Rankin Vice President
Justin Reinard Executive Vice President
Joshua Rhoads Vice President
Chad Roberson Vice President
Vicki Schneider Executive Vice President
Andrew Schroeder Chief Financial Officer
Angela Shrock Vice President
Chad Straube Vice President
Paul Tomcufcik Vice President
Roger Weitkamp Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel

Division Leadership

Talal Antar Director
Brendan Baker Managing Director
Marc Bolding Director
Steve Brunson Managing Director
Sarah Creekmore Director
Matt Cunningham Managing Director
Jon D’Easum Senior Director
Andrew Davis Managing Director
Derik Edwards Director
Brian Egy Managing Director
Uriah Ellis Managing Director
Ralph Etienne Managing Director
Ian Fluney Managing Director
LiKeisha Gibson Managing Director
Jeff Hearon Managing Director
Dietmar Hinz Managing Director
Richard LaGrange Managing Director
Gwen Lawhorn Director
William Marchbanks Managing Director
Matt McCord Managing Director
Melissa McGill Managing Director
Sandra McQueary Director
Gina Meier Director
Matt Metzger Director
David Milner Managing Director
Julie Mullally Managing Director
Paul Norton Director
Jim Sarasien Director
Jeremy Schrock Managing Director
Kristen Schroeder Director
Nicole Stephens Managing Director
Lori Wildman Director


DMA, a proudly employee-owned company, has been solving corporate tax challenges for its clients around the world since 1972. Focusing on several key areas of corporate taxation, DMA professionals assist companies with minimizing their taxes, enhancing the efficiency of their tax administration through industry-leading technology solutions, and managing their tax compliance obligations.