Because these Value Added Tax (VAT) processes have numerous touchpoints that impact both sales and purchase transactions, they can have a significant impact on your business. When not managed properly, it can result in a significant cash flow problem and even pose a risk of assessment liability.

Fortunately, DMA is here to help.

If your company does any business outside the US and Canada, you may be facing VAT compliance obligations. DMA’s team of VAT experts is here to guide you through any VAT challenge or process. We collaborate and work alongside your team to ensure your company is compliant with the specific jurisdictions in which you do business.


  • DMA’s Value Added Tax (VAT) Recovery process is designed specifically for your company’s needs. We use comprehensive best practices to create a customized approach to ensure you get the maximum VAT recovery—therefore minimizing, or even eliminating, negative cash flow and tax costs, all while increasing your shareholder value. Our VAT experts review your entire supply chain to identify potential VAT overpayments or unclaimed taxes. DMA prepares all recovery schedules and supporting documentation, cites appropriate legislation to substantiate our recoveries, and works with the appropriate taxing jurisdiction to secure your VAT refund. Our review concludes with a comprehensive Report of Findings detailing the results of our work including best practices and recommendations.

  • DMA’s Value Added Tax (VAT) Automation service combines industry expertise, VAT technical knowledge, and comprehensive tax technology to provide global tax integration and consulting services. Our experts bridge the gaps between the business, IT, and tax teams to ensure the successful global deployment of indirect tax solutions. Our team automates VAT calculations, designs and implements complex global solutions, and develops enhanced reporting and remittance processes for indirect tax.

  • VAT is very complex to navigate—especially when entering new markets, creating new product lines, or providing new service offerings. With industry experience and a pragmatic approach to demystifying VAT, DMA’s experts are here to provide Value Added Tax (VAT) Advisory Services to ensure that your company is conducting business in the most efficient manner possible, with the necessary VAT registration, and meeting invoice requirements and compliance obligations in foreign countries where your company has established operations.