Canada sales taxes are unique in that it is one of very few countries that has a federal GST/HST (VAT) system combined with a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) system. This creates complexities and numerous challenges for companies to accurately manage and capture all Canada sales taxes. And, oftentimes, ERP systems fail to correctly capture Input Tax Credits and refunds, ultimately impacting your bottom line.

Fortunately, our experienced Canada sales tax professionals have extensive jurisdictional knowledge and are well-positioned to meet—and exceed—your Canada sales tax needs.


  • DMA’s Canada Sales Tax Recovery service is designed to identify all available GST/HST, PST, and QST tax credits and refunds available, while also providing proactive recommendations to mitigate future Canada sales tax administration errors and inefficiencies.

    Our successful process is customizable to your specific business needs. DMA’s Canada sales tax team identifies potential overpayments, prepares schedules and supporting documentation, and cites appropriate laws to substantiate our findings. We also pursue all refund and credit opportunities with the appropriate taxing jurisdictions, with your approval. At the conclusion of our review, DMA’s experienced tax professionals provide customized training for your staff and construct recommended solutions designed to eliminate sales tax errors in the future. DMA also offers ongoing technical support to resolve your tax issues.

  • DMA’s Canada Sales Tax Audit Management & Defense service focuses on your specific needs related to current, upcoming, or past sales tax audits and on helping you reduce proposed sales tax audit assessments. We can either manage the entire audit process for you or review audit work papers at any time during the process—prior to the statute of limitations expiring.

    Our comprehensive audit management service allows our team to manage every step of your audit including:

    • Retrieving invoices and organizing items based on available exemptions
    • Reviewing all audit work papers in detail, including the audit methodology and sampling procedures
    • Identifying overpayments
    • Determining if the proposed penalty and interest assessments can be waived
    • Documenting and presenting all findings to you and the auditor
    • Pursuing unresolved issues through the appropriate channelsIf your team is fully committed to its sales tax audit management and defense, DMA can manage the entire audit process or act as a “second pair of eyes” by reviewing the audit work papers at any time during the audit process.

  • DMA’s Canada Sales Tax Advisory service provides assistance related to specific GST/QST, PST, and QST tax issues in support of your tax administration goals and objectives. Our team consists of experienced sales tax experts with knowledge of multi-jurisdiction tax laws, regulations, and policies. In a collaborative effort, our Canada sales tax advisory team will provide you with an analysis and extensive research of any existing sales tax issues, as well as validation of sales tax positions or tax policy.

  • DMA provides a Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST/QST Registry Lookup Solution to streamline your process and minimize manual effort.

    Our comprehensive solution uses proprietary technology designed by DMA tax technology professionals. The solution automates the supplier validation process by passing client-supplier data through the Canada Revenue Agency GST/HST/QST Registry. It verifies that the correct supplier’s name is being used, validates that the GST/HST/QST number is active and in good standing, and confirms that the GST/HST/QST number is valid on the transaction date.

    Once this process is complete, we provide a data download that identifies both valid and invalid suppliers. This allows you to pursue only the information you need to correct your records—or allows our Canada sales tax team to collaborate with your tax department.

    DMA’s GST/HST/QST Registry Lookup Solution minimizes manual work and increases your tax efficiency and accuracy.