We focus on identifying tax savings opportunities and minimizing your future property tax expenses. Our Property Tax services in the United States and Canada are all-encompassing, and we can supplement your efforts by serving as an extension of your tax department to handle the management and administration of your entire property tax portfolio, co-source property tax administration with you, or be your outsourced property tax provider. We’re here to take some of the burden off your team so they can focus on other high priority initiatives.


  • Our Property Tax Credits & Incentives service assists with identifying and pursuing appropriate property tax-related incentives that may be associated with capital investments. Property tax incentives typically require approvals to be set in place before your property investment occurs—timing is critical.

    DMA’s property tax professionals can assist you in obtaining available property tax incentives, which may include:

    • Property tax rebates
    • Payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT)
    • Property tax abatement/exemption
    • Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs)
    • Value limitation
    • Freeport exemption

    Property taxes are one of the highest tax liabilities for your business. Ensuring they are minimized is a necessary component of any cost reduction strategy.

  • DMA’s Property Tax Portfolio Management & Administration service is designed to relieve your team of the burden associated with property tax administration and encompasses all aspects of a corporate property tax department. Our Portfolio Management & Administration service includes:

    • Portfolio analysis and strategic planning
    • Real-time status updates
    • A secure web portal to store documents and information related to property tax assessments and bill payments
    • Management of real and personal property tax schedules
    • Annual budgeting and continual forecasting throughout the year
    • Client-tailored reporting of appeals, taxes due, accruals, and audit responses
    • Management of third-party consultants
    • Management of all aspects of the bill payment process as needed
    • Collaborative development of best practices, training, and efficient workflow
    • Stakeholder strategy sessions to discuss economic incentives/TIFs/abatements and ensure adherence to existing agreements

    We partner with your team to ensure a seamless, customized approach to property tax administration that fits your exact business needs.

  • DMA’s Asset Verification Service (AVS) provide the resources and expertise to give you better control, organization, and accounting of assets. We customize this service to your specific needs and operations. 

    Our approach to asset verification begins with a complete physical inspection of your facility. This helps us reconcile assets to the fixed asset ledger. To resolve any fixed assets not reconciled initially, we review purchase orders and other pertinent documentation, and interview key facility personnel. 

    Then, all assets are cataloged to coincide with the fixed asset ledger, ensuring more accurate accounting for the future of your business. Our dedicated property tax professionals then upload cleansed, enhanced, and reconciled asset listings and establish controls and procedures for maintaining future asset transactions.