Our approach to incentive negotiation creates value throughout your capital planning, workforce, and real estate planning process. Whether you are investing in an existing operation, leasing new space, or building a new facility from the ground up, our credits and incentives team can help.

DMA provides support to your internal and external teams, including tax, real estate, and operations—delivering a forward-looking approach to engaging with state and local officials before investments are made. We have the experts with the experience and knowledge you need.


  • Our Property Tax Credits & Incentives service assists with identifying and pursuing appropriate property tax-related incentives that may be associated with capital investments. Property tax incentives typically require approvals to be set in place before your property investment occurs—timing is critical. 

    DMA’s property tax professionals can assist you in obtaining available property tax incentives, which may include: 

    • Property tax rebates 
    • Payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) 
    • Property tax abatement/exemption 
    • Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) 
    • Value limitation 
    • Freeport exemption 

    Property taxes are one of the highest tax liabilities for your business. Ensuring they are minimized is a necessary component of any cost reduction strategy.

    Learn more about our Property Tax Services. 

  • DMA offers Transaction Tax Credits & Incentives services to assist you with the following:

    • Identification of transaction tax incentive opportunities
    • Pursuit and negotiation of benefits
    • Compliance administration to ensure full utilization and proper application of the benefit

    State and local taxing jurisdictions may reduce a company’s transaction tax liability based on proposed capital investment and/or job creation from that business. The benefits can be in the form of:

    • Rebates on construction materials
    • Rebates on equipment purchases
    • Point-of-sale exemptions for certain types of purchases
    • Revenue sharing based on increased sales tax
    • Rebates based on new job creation

    Our team’s jurisdiction-specific expertise means we understand the unique tax implications of incentive opportunities and can secure significant transaction tax savings.

    Learn more about our Transaction Tax Services.

  • DMA’s State Tax Credits & Incentives service focuses on obtaining all available state tax credits available to you. These services include: 

    • Identifying available—but unperfected or claimed—credits and incentives based on current or previous activity 
    • Analyzing activities planned for the future to identify and assist in claiming applicable credits and incentives 
    • Maximizing credits claimed 

    Many states offer tax credits and incentives. Benefits are typically in the form of a credit and can include: 

    • Investment tax credits 
    • Research and development credits 
    • Credits related to employment increases 
    • Credits for education and training 
    • Other applicable state credits 

    DMA’S highly experienced, seasoned tax professionals partner with you to provide a thorough analysis and well-documented findings.

    Learn more about our State Income & Franchise Tax Services. 

  • Your chosen business location can have a significant impact on your taxes and cash flow. Our Tax Comparative Analysis service includes: 

    • Income and franchise tax modeling 
    • Property tax projections 
    • Transaction tax projections 
    • Other site-specific taxes, fees, and expenses 

    Our credits and incentives team works in conjunction with our state income tax, property tax, and transaction tax teams to provide a comprehensive picture of the taxes you will incur at each business location under consideration for your project.

Let us do the Heavy Lifting—Especially When it Comes to Tax Credits and Incentives

DMA’s tax credits and incentives experts work together to identify all incentive opportunities available for your business.