Unclaimed Property

Unclaimed Property Services

Unclaimed Property compliance (UP compliance) is often a discipline lacking uniformity and often presents daunting challenges to businesses holding unclaimed property. Unclaimed Property may be found in a plethora of locations within accounting and checking operations in an organization, and challenges can be enormous: Searching and locating unclaimed property, their managers and operations; coordination of multi-level UP compliance team members; managing owner contacts (due diligence) and proper reporting and remitting of properties.

DMA’s Unclaimed Property services provide innovative solutions, such as unclaimed property outsourcing. Our Unclaimed Property professionals specialize in providing complete unclaimed property services for all jurisdictions in North America, using diverse and extensive knowledge of the laws and procedures of each state to keep your business in compliance.

  Case Study: DMA Helps Leading Electronics Retailer Reach Full Unclaimed Property Compliance

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