Our client is a large multi-state operator of healthcare and hospital facilities with hundreds of subsidiaries across the country.


Our client had millions of dollars in unclaimed property scattered across various state unclaimed property departments, cities, counties, and other government agencies. Coordinating recoveries across these numerous agencies proved to be a significant challenge for its internal staff.


DMA stepped in and implemented a comprehensive solution to recover these unclaimed funds. Leveraging our market-leading asset recovery database, which consolidates records from multiple agencies across the country, our unclaimed property experts meticulously identified and pursued the funds on behalf of our client. Our approach ensured minimal client effort, allowing them to focus on other mission-critical initiatives.


In the first year of the engagement with our client, we successfully recovered $1.3 million from 11 different agencies, while addressing 241 name variances. DMA’s efforts provided our client with much-needed financial resources and streamlined the recovery process for its unclaimed property, making it efficient and hassle-free.

“DMA made unclaimed property recovery a breeze. We successfully reclaimed $1.3 million from various agencies while minimizing our involvement. Their expertise and efficiency were invaluable.”
—Satisfied Healthcare Provider


DMA’s expertise in unclaimed property asset recovery is the ideal choice for companies facing similar challenges. Our commitment to superior client service, a proprietary market-leading asset recovery database that aggregates records from various agencies, and our ability to minimize client involvement in the process make us the go-to partner for unlocking hidden financial assets. Start your journey to asset recovery with DMA today.

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