Tailored Asset Recovery Solutions

We understand that your business has unique unclaimed property asset recovery needs and objectives. That’s why DMA offers tailored solutions. From initial assessment to final unclaimed property asset recovery, our dedicated team works closely with clients to deliver results-driven strategies and personalized service.

Our Asset Recovery Process

  • Locate recoverable unclaimed property assets being held by states, cities, counties, bankruptcy courts, and other local and federal government agencies
  • Research corporate lineage for current and historical entities, subsidiaries, acquisitions, mergers, assumed names, and trademarked names
  • Prepare and submit the necessary documentation and forms to recover funds held at each government agency
  • Continually monitor the claims lifecycle all the way through to payment
  • Forecast when the recovered assets will be available and paid directly to you as the client
  • Communicate with you throughout the entire claims process with reports summarizing the status of the claim
  • Perform a detailed analysis utilizing the historical and newly acquired data from federal, state, city, county, and other public records

By leveraging our proprietary unclaimed property asset recovery identification tools, you can maximize results for your company. While unclaimed property assets are typically uncashed checks or funds associated with dormant financial accounts, our experts may also recover tangible assets.


DMA has built a proven track record of success in unclaimed property asset recovery. Our team of experts has successfully recovered millions of dollars in dormant assets for corporate clients across various industries, demonstrating our commitment to delivering tangible results and maximizing financial returns.

Need Help With Your Asset Recovery?
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At DMA, our team works with you to ensure the highest quality of claims management to deliver maximum net recovery.