Effortless Compliance Management

Every business in North America faces an obligation to manage its unclaimed property. However, this creates significant potential risk, as mishandling unclaimed property can greatly increase a company’s likelihood of costly audits. By leveraging DMA’s proprietary unclaimed property software solution, Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Total Compliance (AUPTC), your team can address unclaimed property reporting and management while helping your company comply with unclaimed property regulations.

AUPTC, DMA’s award-winning unclaimed property software, simplifies the unclaimed property compliance process. This unclaimed property solution automates many compliance tasks. It also provides reminders directly in AUPTC and sends you an email so that key dates are not missed, and improves compliance efficiency by focusing on four simple steps:

  • Property Import and Management
  • Owner Outreach (Formal Due Diligence letters are systematically created)
  • Check Reissuance (including DMA’s proprietary Owner Redemption Portal to maximize owner reunification)
  • Unclaimed Property Reporting and Escheatment

Unclaimed Property Software Integration

When AUPTC is integrated into your business processes, you can expect to see notable benefits, such as:

  • A single system of record for all unclaimed property activities and related documentation
  • Improved flow and audit trail of property through due diligence, reissuance, and escheatment
  • Notifications that actively alert in-house teams of approaching compliance deadlines
  • Cost savings by locating property owners before property staleness via automatically sent emails to property owners, spurring reissuances
  • Generation of customizable formal due diligence letters
  • System logic driven by state regulations, ensuring unclaimed property total compliance
  • Owner Redemption Portal gives property owners the ability to request a reissuance electronically, removing the holder’s need to process US mail replies
  • Dashboards that report on records in need of formal due diligence, check reissuance, and state reporting
  • One-click generation of state reports submitted directly from AUPTC, along with filing instructions

Leverage DMA’s Unclaimed Property Software Solution

Leverage DMA’s unclaimed property tax professionals and AUPTC software to minimize your risk for audit—and to ensure that your unclaimed property filing is efficient and accurate. Ready to get started?

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