Most companies struggle to efficiently and accurately file business licenses and permits. With 28,000 imposing jurisdictions and thousands of different filing requirements, compliance can be tedious and often hard to manage.

DMA provides a scalable solution to business license and permit compliance. Our professionals possess state-specific expertise and are accustomed to dealing with multiple jurisdictions and notices. You can rest assured that your business will have accurate and timely filings with every jurisdiction. Additionally, you will see reduced penalties and interest, along with a significant reduction in the often-tedious administrative burden associated with business license and permit compliance.

Ongoing Renewal Filings

We put our extensive state-specific expertise to work for you. As a core component of our business license and permit service, our ongoing renewal filings provide a full-circle approach to your business license compliance function. The key phases of this process include:

  • Front-end implementation
  • Ongoing data accumulation
  • Business license filing preparation and review
  • Filing and payment of fees
  • Record maintenance
  • Business license and permits notice management

Our business license and permit experts are also available to supplement your in-house compliance efforts by performing additional business license services including New Location Research and Nexus Studies.


When your company is looking to expand, we collaborate with your team on new locations to ensure that your business has the proper licenses and permits based on jurisdiction requirements. DMA will research the location based on the address and types of activities conducted at the facility. We inform you of the necessary filing requirements and prepare any new filings found during our research.


DMA assists clients in performing nexus studies to determine filing obligations. This can include analysis of proper rates and categories being utilized by the jurisdiction, classification assigned by the jurisdiction, delivery license issues for new cities served, and many other analyses as directed.

Lean on DMA for Your Business License Compliance Needs

Our business license compliance professionals provide scalable solutions based on your business needs. We handle hundreds of miscellaneous filings including annual reports, hospitality and leisure, food and beverage, environmental fees, tonnage and severance fees, weights and measures, and countless other business licenses and permits. Lean on DMA for your business license compliance needs.