Comprehensive Unclaimed Property Audit Support

DMA offers comprehensive support throughout every stage of the unclaimed property audit process. Our seasoned experts provide strategic guidance and practical assistance from initial notices to final resolutions. And, our expert support helps companies effectively manage property audit requirements and minimize risks.

DMA provides specialized support to companies facing unclaimed property audits in states that tend to be more aggressive with unclaimed property compliance, such as Delaware. Our experts have a deep understanding of unclaimed property audit procedures and regulations—enabling us to deliver targeted assistance and defense strategies tailored to a state’s specific requirements.

Strategic Defense Strategies

Facing an unclaimed property audit requires a proactive and strategic approach. DMA’s experienced team develops robust defense strategies tailored to your business needs, ensuring thorough preparation and effective advocacy throughout the entire audit process.

Proven Compliance Expertise

Our team of experts leverages our collective extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of unclaimed property compliance requirements to navigate unclaimed property audits effectively, mitigate risks, and achieve favorable outcomes.

Partner with DMA for Audit Success

With DMA as your partner, you can navigate unclaimed property audits with confidence. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional support and defense services, ensuring that your organization emerges from audits stronger, more compliant, and well-protected.