Our client is a large multinational bank that had a potential of millions of dollars in unclaimed property to recover for its flagship bank and other acquired banks.


The company did not have the resources or the expertise to coordinate recoveries across numerous state unclaimed property departments, cities, counties, and other government agencies that may be holding its unclaimed assets. The complexity of managing funds for its numerous entities across diverse agencies created significant hurdles for its internal team.


Leveraging our market-leading asset recovery database that consolidates records from various agencies, DMA’s asset recovery experts initiated a meticulous process to identify and recover our client’s unclaimed funds. This comprehensive yet streamlined approach enabled the bank to focus on other mission-critical initiatives while our team managed the complexities of recovery.


In the first year, DMA successfully recovered $1.4 million for our client and, over the lifetime of our partnership, has recovered $2 million from 33 agencies, addressing 293 name variances. The client’s effort remains minimal effort—they simply receive the checks. Our approach alleviated the burden of coordinating recoveries and provided the bank with valuable resources that may otherwise have gone unrecovered.


DMA stands out for its superior client service, a proprietary market-leading asset recovery database that consolidates records from numerous agencies, and the ability to minimize client effort in the recovery process. Our holistic approach makes us the right fit for companies facing similar challenges with dedicating internal resources to a recovery function.

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