Written by: John Waite — Director, Asset Recovery

Did you know that your organization may have hidden financial assets waiting to be reclaimed? Unclaimed property asset recovery is an often-overlooked opportunity for companies to uncover hidden financial assets. At DMA, we specialize in simplifying this process and offer valuable insights for organizations seeking to discover any existing unrecovered assets. Here are four reasons it pays to partner with an expert like DMA for unclaimed property asset recovery:


DMA’s unclaimed property asset recovery service is grounded in the efficient aggregation of an extensive database with over 300 million records. These records span city, county, and state unclaimed property, bankruptcy courts, departments of insurance, and other government entities. This means that our clients gain access to a vast pool of information for identifying recoverable assets.


Our team excels in simplifying the asset recovery process. We handle the comprehensive journey, from pinpointing hidden assets to managing all the required documentation and submissions. This expertise eases the complexities of asset recovery for large companies.


Clients will appreciate our contingency-based service model, eliminating the need for upfront payments. With this financial arrangement, companies only pay when they successfully recover their assets. It’s a risk-free approach to asset recovery.


We support our clients by being dedicated partners throughout the entire asset recovery process. Our team offers guidance and support, ensuring transparency and a seamless recovery experience. This level of support is valuable for companies looking to navigate the complexities of asset recovery effectively.

Unlocking the potential of unclaimed property asset recovery is an investment in a company’s financial well-being. With DMA’s informative and supportive approach, large companies can access hidden financial assets while focusing on core business activities. Don’t overlook the potential value of unclaimed property—consider partnering with DMA and take the steps to recover what rightfully belongs to your organization.

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