Tax Software Vendor Selection

Establishing which tax determination software vendor is the optimal choice when implementing a centralized, automated tax solution can be a complicated and challenging process. DMA provides Vendor Selection services to assist you in determining which tax solution is the best fit for your tax and business needs. Our experience with all enterprise transaction tax solutions and established vendor selection processes allows us to provide a comprehensive, unbiased review of each solution.  We consider your unique requirements, business configurations, and tax policies. Our professionals gain a thorough understanding of your: 

  • Project: What is the purpose of implementing a new tax determination solution?
  • Systems: What are the different solutions available? How will this affect our business and operations? Does the solution have what we need in order to properly calculate tax? What are the risks and potential gaps?
  • Timeline: What is our implementation strategy and do we have the resources to fulfill it? What is our testing strategy and do we have the resources to verify the results? Who needs to be involved in approving our decisions?
  • Footprint: Do we have the hardware to support the tax determination solution? Do we have the resources to maintain the tax determination solution? 

DMA staffs each Vendor Selection project with resources that have extensive experience with all current market tax solutions. In addition, DMA is proud to partner with Avalara, Sovos, Wolters Kluwer, Thomson Reuters, and Vertex , allowing us to provide an unbiased representation of their respective tax solutions. DMA offers a multidisciplinary engagement team that includes Avalara, Sovos, Wolters Kluwer, Thomson Reuters, Vertex, custom integration specialists, java developers, .net developers, project managers, and administrative support personnel.

DMA offers the following vendor procurement tools to assist in selecting the appropriate tax determination software: 

  • Scorecard: DMA will provide a scorecard that outlines, on a weighted average, what is important to you
  • Software Demo: DMA will provide a visual demonstration of all viable solutions
  • Solution Design: DMA will provide an illustration of proposed project architects
  • Client Testaments: DMA will reference DMA clients for all three solutions