Our client is a global specialty minerals company that manufactures products primarily in three markets: agriculture, food, and industrial products.


Our client was facing upcoming licensing changes with its current tax engine and needed to find a new solution that could meet its business demands and reduce technology costs. The company’s requirements for a new tax engine included:

  • Seamless integration with SAP
  • Excellent customer exemption management, as most of its transactions are exempt
  • Powerful features for handling purchasing
  • A robust content library of chemical-based products
  • A turnkey solution that would not require a high level of resources or maintenance


The company engaged with DMA to facilitate its vendor selection process. DMA’s tax technology team facilitated meetings and software demos, utilized our industry knowledge to ask the right questions, filtered through extraneous information, and explained the intricacies of various tax engines. Our technology professionals created a detailed requirements matrix, then assisted our client in assigning values for each tax engine. And because the DMA tax technology team has strong technical SAP expertise, we offered insight into how each tax engine could be integrated with the company’s existing ERP.


Our client leveraged DMA’s expertise and selected a new tax engine in less than three months. With DMA’s guidance, its tax and IT teams selected a tax engine that fulfilled its requirements and provided an end-to-end solution for tax calculation, customer exemption management, and returns filing.
Because of the trust that was fostered throughout the vendor selection process, our client also chose DMA as its tax engine implementation partner.

“Determining the best tax engine for our company was vital to maintaining business and compliance continuity. We leaned on DMA to help us filter through the vast amount of information on various solutions and choose the tax engine that met our requirements.”
—ICL Tax Professional


DMA’s tax technology team has functional and technical expertise on all major ERPs and tax engines, and understands the complexities of the systems and integrations. We have strong relationships with software developers and business development professionals at tax engine companies, and those relationships help us to facilitate the process and quickly get answers to our clients’ specific questions.

DMA has a rich history of successful vendor selection and implementation engagements with large multinational companies including many types of manufacturers, software companies, pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, and more. DMA offers many industry- and tax-specific technology solutions designed to ease the administrative burden associated with taxes.


Leverage our team of tax technology experts for seamless software solution implementation and support that fits your unique business needs.

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