for Taxware Sales/Use and Worldtax

DMA’s WebToolKit provides complete browser-based administration of Taxware Sales/Use and Worldtax products. It automates and simplifies all current Taxware Sales/Use and Worldtax products and adds new, improved features. WebToolKit features include:
  • Real-time, instant access to the Sales/use and Worldtax modules – includes exemption certificates, product codes, nexus definitions reports, etc.
  • Real-time viewing and printing of Taxware reports – not overnight, tomorrow or next week
  • Simple accessibility through your web browser – no additional software is needed
  • Custom report writer is included – instantly define/run/print custom reports on the Taxware audit information
  • Complete Taxware Audit File Management – automatically imports all of your audit file transactions and stores them for future use in its own database, making audit defense reporting easy
  • Improved STEP management – scan certificates directly into the system for easy management and retrieval plus enhanced search features for exemption certificates
  • Built-in security – limit and control each individual user to one or more areas within the WebToolKit
  • Multi-system capable – manage all of your Taxware instances through one central, intuitive interface
  • FTP procedures or PARM files are eliminated – instant changes, updates and reports
  • Automatic data file update – making the monthly Taxware data file update process easier
  • Online Tax Calculator – quickly find an accurate tax amount or a tax rate for a specific tax scenario
The WebToolKit is comprehensive enhancement for Taxware and increases your productivity significantly.