Access Your Property Tax Data in Real-Time

DMA’s Client Portal provides a complete real-time overview of all your property tax activities, consolidating essential tools and information in one place.

Live Insights

Access up-to-date information on your property tax activities, enabling informed decision-making.

Enhanced Control

Gain comprehensive visibility into your entire portfolio, simplifying management and compliance.

Strategic Planning

Utilize advanced forecasting tools to plan accurately and reduce tax liabilities.

Property Tax Dashboard

Quickly analyze your property tax data for informed decision-making.

  • Portfolio Insights: View current and historical valuations and assessments for real and personal properties
  • Tax Liabilities and Savings: Track total tax liabilities and realized savings
  • Appeal Outcomes: Access detailed results of all property tax appeals managed by DMA
  • Assessment Status: Monitor the status of current year assessment reviews and other critical activities

Forecasting and Budgeting

Prepare accurately for future property tax liabilities and financial planning.

  • Accurate Forecasting: Estimate future tax liabilities with precision
  • Customized Budgeting: Develop budgets using advanced tools tailored to your properties or entire portfolio
  • Financial Planning: Adjust for inflation and other factors specific to your properties

Portfolio and Property Views

Navigate and manage your property portfolio with ease.

  • Detailed Property Information: Access comprehensive data for each property, including record cards and assessor workpapers
  • Organized Documentation: Retrieve tax assessment notices, tax bills, and other property tax compliance documents
  • Compliance Tracking: Stay on top of jurisdictional dates, deadlines, and appeal procedures

Document Management

Efficiently manage and share critical property tax documents.

  • Secure Storage: Store and access all your tax bills, assessment notices, consulting analyses, and appeal decisions in one place
  • Efficient Collaboration: Share critical documents with your team and DMA consultants seamlessly

Client Spotlight

“This is the best property tax software I’ve seen. I love the filings-by-month graph, the map-based navigation of our properties, and the powerful forecasting module!”

Fortune 500 Tax Professional

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