Shift the Burden to DMA

By entrusting DMA with your recurring tax functions, your team is relieved from the day-to-day monotony, allowing them to focus on other high-priority projects.

Tax Engine Maintenance & Troubleshooting


  • Complex Tax-Scenario Configuration Management
  • Exemption Certificate Troubleshooting
  • Monthly Tax Engine Tax Content Updates
  • Nexus/Jurisdiction Configuration
  • Product/Service Material Mapping
  • Tax Calculation Configuration Testing
  • Tax Calculation Troubleshooting—Errant Results
  • User Management/Administration

Tax Systems & Integration Management


  • Infrastructure and Application Blueprint Review
  • Network and Connectivity Management
  • Preventative Server Health Management
  • SAP SIC Technical Maintenance
  • Tax Calculation Troubleshooting—Performance

Tax Data Automation & Reporting

  • Account Reconciliation
  • Accrual Automation
  • Custom Tax Reports
  • Data File Merge
  • Data File Size Reduction
  • Monthly Accrual Analysis
  • Pre-Filing Data Preparation
  • Pre-Filing Tax Calculation

Exemption Certificate Management

  • Exemption Certificate Collection
  • Exemption Certificate Validation
  • Exemption Certificate Troubleshooting
  • Exemption Certificate Reporting

Tax Advisory

  • Business Activity/Nexus Monitoring
  • Nexus Research
  • Taxability Research
  • General Tax Advisory
  • Sales Tax Registrations


  • Account Reconciliation-as-a-Service
  • Amended Return Preparation
  • Tax Credit Tracking and Management
  • Tax Filing and Payment
  • Tax Notice Management
  • Tax Calculation-as-a-Service
  • Tax Review and Adjust-as-a-Service

Why Outsource Your Tax Services?

Holistic Solutions

DMA combines advanced technology, tax expertise, and optimized processes to streamline your workflow and reduce your workload.

Efficiency Without Headcount

DMA’s Tax Managed Services provide a comprehensive solution without the need for internal team expansion.

Flexible Scalability

We offer flexible services that adapt to your business’s growth, turnover, or skill gaps. Our team can scale to your unique requirements.

Comprehensive Roadmap and Assessment

We offer a personalized tax assessment and roadmap to eliminate inefficiencies and provide long-term tax guidance.

Advanced Technology

DMA provides innovative, agile strategies by combining advanced software solutions and expert, customizable services.

Strategic Advisory

Our Tax Managed Services offer strategic advisory support, including business activity monitoring, taxability research, and sales tax registrations.

Discover DMA’s Tax Managed Services Today

Our tailored approach to tax managed services is unique—we take the time to understand your business thoroughly and we build a strong, collaborative relationship with your team.