Our Transaction Tax Audit Management & Defense service provides you with sales and use tax experts to manage every step of the audit process, including:

  • Meeting with the auditor
  • Creating an equitable audit plan
  • Retrieving invoices and organizing items based on available exemptions
  • Reviewing all audit work papers in detail (including the audit methodology and sampling procedures)
  • Identifying tax recovery opportunities
  • Determining if proposed penalty and interest assessments can be waived
  • Documenting and presenting all findings
  • Pursuing unresolved issues through the appropriate administrative remedies

Where audits have already been completed, our jurisdiction-specific experts analyze the audit findings and recover any overpaid transaction tax. We focus on helping you reduce transaction tax audit assessments—and provide you with recommendations to eliminate prospective tax errors.


  • Our Audit Support services are available on-demand, as required, and exactly when you need them. DMA partners with your team to assist you in the audit process. Services include:

    • Identifying tax recovery opportunities to help offset liabilities, effectively reducing any penalty and interest that may be assessed in an audit. In many instances, DMA’s identification of credits can result in an overall net refund for the audit period.
    • Reviewing items assessed by the auditor in the audit work papers to determine if reductions to the current assessment are available.
    • Evaluating the sampling methodologies utilized within the audit to identify where there are potential risks and any methods employed that are advantageous to our clients.
    • Assisting with articulating tax positions to auditors and tax agency resolution resources to efficiently, effectively, and most importantly, respectfully, obtain a satisfactory result for our clients.
    • Educating your tax department resources on the root cause of errors.
    • Recommending solutions to reduce tax liability based on industry best practices and leveraging emerging technologies.

    What if you need help with more than just one or two items in the audit process? Not to worry—DMA’s tax professionals have the expertise to deliver a customized solution.

  • DMA’s Audit Management Program, highly unique within the corporate tax industry, is a comprehensive solution to transaction tax audit management. We customize the services provided under the audit management umbrella based on your exact needs by providing:

    • Expertise in transaction taxes
    • Connectivity to audit information
    • Flexibility to provide expert resources throughout the audit cycle
    • Ability to efficiently organize, coordinate, and control the audit environment

    As part of the program, our clients have access to DMA’s proprietary Audit Management Program (AMP) Reporting Tool, a secure online tool designed to provide total visibility into all active and inactive transaction tax audits.

    The AMP Reporting Tool allows you to:

    • Populate the audit database with past, present, and future audits
    • Track audit progress, tasks, and next steps
    • Generate summary level management reports
    • Measure results based on goals, benchmarks, and timelines

    This unique solution will help you better manage and understand any audits you may be facing.

    And when your team doesn’t have the resources to take on the audit process—DMA can manage the entire project from start to finish.

  • In some cases, a tax authority (such as the state) audits the corporate entity but offers a managed audit option, where the taxpayer conducts its own audit. However, not every company has the necessary time or workforce to dedicate to such a large undertaking. Fortunately, that’s where DMA’s Managed Audit service comes in. Our team will play the role of “audit manager” on your behalf.

    When you lean on our experienced tax professionals for this service, we ensure the findings are substantiated from the beginning, thereby reducing burdensome negotiations. Not only do we perform the audit as your representative, but we also provide you with a final report addressing the audit process and findings. As a result, we will minimize your current transaction tax liability and recommend solutions to eliminate future issues.


Under audit? Our comprehensive Audit Management & Defense services help you through the entire process to ensure that your transaction tax, and any penalties or interest, are minimized.