Written by: Patrick Price

Thomson Reuters’ ONESOURCE suite of products, and specifically its Property Tax Compliance software, was recently acquired by Ryan LLC. This was significant industry news, as to date, there have been only two primary players in the property tax compliance software space—ONESOURE and TCI’s PTMS product. PTMS may have a larger market share, but ONESOURCE is used by many corporate taxpayers as well.

Ryan representatives have indicated to us that they intend to maintain and make further investments in the ONESOURCE product, and that they plan to also continue their proprietary compliance software product. Nonetheless, several corporate taxpayers have contacted us with questions and concerns about how the ONESOURCE acquisition will affect the compliance software solutions available to them long-term, and how their property tax compliance processes may be impacted.

Fortunately, DMA is here to help answer the difficult questions and navigate the complex world of property tax compliance software. Our team is ready to assist your company in choosing the path that best fits your unique needs.

DMA is the largest provider of property tax compliance services in the US. We are one of few firms that do not outsource any portion of its compliance process overseas or to third-party payment processors. Our tax professionals are experts in ONESOURCE, PTMS, and other alternative products and solutions. Working with you and your team, we can advise you on potential options and help evaluate which is best suited for your organization.

For more information, contact our property tax team.