Strategic Tax and Incentives Services

DMA specializes in providing tax advisory, audit and recovery, and compliance services that extend beyond isolated solutions. We offer a holistic approach, with specialized teams across tax types collaborating to provide clients in the renewable energy sector with comprehensive strategies for minimization and compliance.

Advisory & Planning

Strategic tax planning lays the foundation for future tax savings. Engaging DMA’s tax advisory and planning experts in the pre-construction stages of capital investment projects ensures maximum opportunities to optimize tax throughout the project lifecycle.

Tax Liability Forecasting

Our experts in property tax, incentives, transaction tax, and state income tax collaborate to create interactive models that enable accurate expense simulations for potential tax liability and legislative scenarios. By leveraging these data-driven models and our accompanying narrative analysis, renewable energy clients gain valuable insights for making informed financial decisions, whether planning future projects or budgeting for ongoing operations.

Site Selection

DMA’s site selection specialists partner with our state and local tax and legislation experts to assist renewable energy developers in laying the foundation for tax optimization. A strategic analysis of potential sites viewed through the lenses of tax landscape, community economic development initiatives, legislation trends, and availability of required resources helps clients discover the ideal location for unique renewable energy projects.

Credits & Incentives Procurement

DMA’s credits and incentives procurement experts help renewable energy developers maximize their investments through a strategic economic development approach to negotiate tax breaks, ease approval processes, and navigate community dynamics. We specialize in crafting a customized strategic roadmap for your project, diligently advocating on your behalf to optimize incentives while minimizing impact on routine operations.


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Audit & Recovery

DMA’s audit and recovery experts perform thorough analyses of assessment values, purchases, construction costs, and more to uncover opportunities for tax minimization and recovery. We also conduct internal audits and support renewable energy clients through jurisdictional audits.

Property Tax Management

DMA’s property tax assessment review and appeal experts specialize in reviewing assessments and managing asset valuations for the most complex and challenging property types in the market. We perform reviews that require alternative approaches to value at the local and state-assessed levels or wherever various asset types are inherently intertwined. Our experts advocate on our clients’ behalf to establish equitable valuations and ensure assessments accurately reflect the current market value of each property.

Analysis of Spend

Equipped with jurisdiction-specific sales and use tax expertise, DMA’s transaction tax specialists scrutinize general expenditures, construction contracts, and the costs associated with developing and operating energy-producing assets. This analysis often uncovers opportunities for tax savings, overpayment recovery, and untapped industry-specific exemptions.



DMA’s in-house, US-based compliance center partners with our state and local tax experts to provide full or partial outsourcing of tax return preparation, assessment tracking, bill pay, and reporting. We customize our compliance service to fit your specific business needs. Our scalable process ensures that your returns are prepared and reviewed by experienced tax professionals with extensive jurisdiction and industry expertise.


Tax Considerations for Renewable Energy Projects

Achieving the full profitability of renewable energy projects requires a strategic plan that aligns state and local taxes, incentives, and entitlements throughout a project’s lifecycle.

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