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This webinar will be held on Tuesday, March 26, 1 – 2 PM ET

Tax automation is becoming increasingly prevalent, and understanding the nuances of maintaining tax accuracy post-implementation is crucial for overall success. In this webinar, DMA and industry experts will present strategies to address the ongoing challenges involved in ensuring tax accuracy, even after automation tools have been deployed.

Our speakers—Justin Reinard, EVP of Tax Technology at DMA, Catie Budzowski, Manager of Tax Technology at DMA, and Katherine Kehres, Tax Director at The J.M. Smucker Company—with their extensive experience in tax technology and transaction tax, will delve into the complexities of tax compliance in an automated environment.

These experts will explore how businesses can navigate the evolving tax landscape, adapt to regulatory changes, and maintain accuracy in their tax processes. The discussion will include practical insights into managing data integrity, addressing common pitfalls in automated systems, and implementing continuous improvement strategies to enhance tax accuracy.

Attendees will gain valuable knowledge of:

    • The importance of ongoing vigilance in tax accuracy post-automation
    • Strategies for managing and updating automated tax systems to comply with changing regulations and business practices
    • Best practices for data management and validation in an automated tax environment
    • Case studies demonstrating successful management of tax accuracy challenges

This webinar is an opportunity for professionals involved in tax compliance, finance, and technology sectors to enhance their understanding of post-automation tax accuracy.


Cost: There is no cost to attend
Credits: 1.0 available*
Field of Study: Taxes
Course Level: Intermediate level program
Delivery Method: Group Internet Based
Prerequisites: Previous experience in corporate tax
Advanced Preparation: None

Who should attend? This webinar is intended for tax, finance, and technology professionals who are responsible for tax, compliance, and tax technology systems. Practitioners and representatives from state/provincial and local tax agencies and service providers are not eligible to attend this seminar unless invited by DMA as presenters.

Attendees of this webinar will gain knowledge on (1) staying compliant post-automation, (2) managing and updating tax systems to comply with regulations and business practices, (3) data management and validation, and (4) managing tax accuracy challenges.

Refunds and Cancellations: Programs are presented free of charge. For more information regarding administrative policies such as refunds, complaints, and/or program cancellation, please contact or call (800) 309-2110 ext. 1236.

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