Here’s what you can expect from our transaction tax advisory team:

  • Analysis and research of specific sales and use tax issues
  • White Paper authoring based on provided facts and tax law
  • Validation of transaction tax positions or tax policy

At the end of the project, we provide a written summary of our findings, including necessary justification from laws, regulations, and court cases to help advise you on making the best decisions for the future.

Services & Processes

  • DMA’s Nexus Studies provide an analysis of your activities by state to determine if you are properly complying in jurisdictions for which sufficient presence is established.

    We look at factors such as:

    • Sales activity
    • Property locations
    • Payroll
    • Location of personnel
    • Inventory locations
    • The nature of product or service delivery

    Once reviewed, our team provides a nexus risk analysis deliverable with recommendations regarding managing jurisdictions where you may not be fully compliant with registration and filing requirements.

  • If nexus is established in a taxing jurisdiction for which you are currently not in compliance, DMA will pursue voluntary disclosure agreements with the respective states on your behalf. We negotiate the most favorable settlement possible without compromising your identity. And we quantify the tax liability and present those findings to the tax jurisdiction.

    As your partner, we provide detailed schedules and a report of our findings to substantiate the voluntary disclosure agreement and work with you to establish procedures to prevent the need for future voluntary disclosure agreements.

  • Whether using a third-party tax engine or another mechanism to determine when transaction tax should be applied, product taxability is often an issue that must be addressed. Products taxable in one tax jurisdiction may be exempt in others. In addition, the rules and regulations governing the taxability of transactions are subject to change. Therefore, the accuracy of your tax engine is diminished unless the tax matrix rules are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

    That’s where our Tax Matrix service comes into play—to address these challenges. As a complete outsourced solution, we do the legwork to determine the correct taxability designation and, ultimately, product code assignment for optimal performance.

    DMA’s experts are uniquely positioned to assist in tax research and validation and can also work directly within your tax system to make the updates and provide testing to ensure proper functionality. Overall, we simplify the entire tax matrix coding process. Our tax technology and transaction tax teams collaborate with you to ensure the selected transaction tax engine functions as expected and that the results align with your tax policies.


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