Written By: Patrick Price

Section 710:10-7-2.2 has been amended to implement provisions of Senate Bill 609. This modifies the payroll and investment-cost requirements for eligibility and qualification of the 5-year property tax manufacturing exemption. This amendment also allows for the exemption qualification of replacement personal property for certain data processing facilities. Among other changes, this increases the minimum investment for construction, acquisition or expansion from $250,000 to $500,000 for calendar year 2022 (this qualifying amount will then be increased by the CPI-U in each year thereafter).

Moreover, applications made on or after 1/1/23 will not only be required to add the prescribed dollar-amount of new payroll—but such jobs created must pay the new jobs an average annualized wage that equals or exceeds the average wage requirement in the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program Act for the year in which the assets are placed into service. The new data-center provisions are similar for payroll requirements, and require a minimum $7 Million in capital investment.

For more information, read the full Chapter 10 Ad Valorem.