Our client, a multinational technology corporation headquartered in Europe, offers a wide range of electronics-related products. The company has thousands of employees worldwide.


Our client’s business model is that of fluidity. The company is consistently acquiring new companies and divesting others. It regularly undergoes proactive organizational shifts to realign with current industry best practices.  

In the US alone, our client has over 20 manufacturing sites and over 15,000 suppliers. Its subsidiaries operate in various industries and geographic locations. Its US tax department is lean, yet it is responsible for managing an enormous volume of property, state income, and transaction tax data. Its tax team needed outsourced expert resources and additional help to maintain compliance, efficiency, and flexibility. 


Our client trusts DMA to assist its tax department in staying ahead of these resource and expertise challenges. Our team provides multiple tax services, including:

  • The DMA property tax team regularly performs property tax reviews, helps manage audits, manages its business licenses, and performs compliance services for its US and Canada properties.
  • DMA’s state income and franchise tax group manages its state income tax compliance, including preparing and filing approximately 400 returns per year.
  • Our transaction tax division manages its US transaction tax compliance functions, provides consulting and advisory services, performs sales and use tax reviews and recoveries, manages its exemption certificates, and assists with audit management and defense.
  • DMA’s tax technology experts have conducted several automation projects for our client and regularly consult on technology challenges. We performed its Vertex implementation and continue to engage in regular technology maintenance and improvements.


DMA has worked as an extension of our client’s tax department for several years, building trust and a strong partnership. The company relies on DMA’s property tax, state income tax, transaction tax, and tax technology teams to manage processes and generate financial benefits. Our teams meet weekly to discuss projects and stay ahead of risks and potential challenges. Because of the longstanding relationship and our in-depth knowledge of our client’s business and tax environments, DMA is able to offer services more efficiently and at a lower cost.  

Since 2020, DMA has made a notable impact, including:

  • Identified over $10.5M in property tax savings
  • Recovered over $22M in sales and use tax overpayments
  • Filed over 1,700 state income tax returns
  • Engaged in 36 tax technology projects


At DMA, we understand our clients’ needs, deliver exceptional client service experiences, and achieve results that exceed expectations. We earn the trust of our clients and safeguard it fiercely. Those attributes lead to long-standing partnerships in which we become a valued extension of our clients’ tax departments.

Partner and Grow Together

DMA’s various service groups work together to manage all—or part—of our clients’ entire lifecycle of corporate tax needs. Contact us to learn how we can support your tax team.

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