Written by: Chris Mason 

Winnipeg’s property tax deadline is fast approaching. Assessment notices for the 2024 taxation year will be delivered in early June 2023, allowing businesses 21 days to appeal after receipt of the notice.  

The current assessment cycle is for the 2023 and 2024 taxation years and is based on an April 1, 2021 valuation date. If you have not reviewed your property assessment or have had a review and are not confident in the results, DMA’s Canadian property tax team can help.  

Our property tax experts have in-depth knowledge and over 50 years of experience filing accurate property assessments.  Because of this, we are well-equipped to manage your entire property portfolio, ultimately ensuring that your company doesn’t pay more than its fair share in property tax.  

But how, exactly, would you know when to conduct a property assessment review? Our property assessment experts recommend a review if your company has had any of the following in the past year:  

  • Recent demolition or renovations 
  • Change in use of all or part of your property 
  • New property acquisitions 
  • COVID-19 negatively impacting your business 

For more information about the Winnipeg assessment appeal process, or to work with DMA’s property assessment professionals, request more information here.  


Lean on DMA’s property tax professionals to provide recommendations for reducing assessed values, and subject matter expertise that can strengthen your case.

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