Transaction Tax Audit Check

For clients under audit by a taxing authority, our team strategically manages audits by partnering with you throughout the entire audit process. Part of that audit process includes a service we call Audit Check.

When we perform a transaction tax audit check, our experts act as a second set of eyes on your audit. This is done to determine if your position can be improved and to ensure that there aren’t any outstanding monetary opportunities for your company.

Audit checks are extremely beneficial. This service allows us to focus on items where no tax was paid, review liabilities assessed, and incorporate refunds to give you a true net result from your audit. As a result, 90% of the audits we review improve our clients’ position. It is considered a best practice to work with an outside transaction tax consulting firm, like DMA, to complete an Audit Check to review transaction tax audit results before closing.

Together, we can report preliminary findings within four to six weeks of the initial review while only requiring a fractional amount of collaboration from your internal team. DMA specializes in identifying the source of any errors causing transaction tax deficiency or overpayment. But what makes us unique is that we also provide solutions to correct any errors found.

Our other Transaction Tax Audit Management & Defense services include:

  • Audit Support
  • Audit Management Program (AMP)
  • Managed Audit

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