What is a SME?

A SME, also known as a Subject Matter Expert, is a person who possesses a deep understanding and knowledge of a particular subject. However, to be seen as a true SME, one must continually stay up to date on industry, market, and legislative changes, and must maintain a continually learning mindset.

But, how exactly, can we achieve this?

At DMA, we constantly explore paths that lead to becoming a Subject Matter Expert by leveraging in-depth resources, current events regarding legislative updates, changing policies, and market reports. In doing so, not only does this enable us to speak knowledgeably to clients and prospects, but we can generate new idea for tax savings opportunities.

As people and businesses continue to face economic headwinds, clients are relying on us to be the Subject Matter Expert for property tax reduction opportunities. And the only way to provide this level of expertise? Is to be a constant and relentless consumer of current events and information related to your area of expertise.

By working and learning together, we can reach excellence.

Learn more about DMA’s leaders and Subject Matter Experts, or contact us for more information about how they can put their expertise to work for you.