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Bobby Barnes

Vice President

Property Tax


Bobby founded the compliance department and leads a team of dedicated North American Property Tax, Sales and Use Tax, and Business License compliance professionals based out of DMA’s Indianapolis, IN office. He oversees DMA’s Enterprise Risk Management policies for compliance and is responsible for process improvements and client satisfaction, and the integration into DMA’s TransactionTax360 approach. Bobby was responsible for integrating compliance services into our clients’ other property tax services for a seamless client experience. He is also involved with Nexus studies, jurisdictional research, gap analysis, annual reports, and hundreds of miscellaneous filing types. Bobby ensures that the team embraces DMA’s Client Service Principles and that best practices are utilized to deliver exceptional services to DMA’s clients.



26 years in property tax, sales and use tax, and business license compliance; 19 years with DMA

  • Has overseen the filing of nearly a million property tax returns
  • Has overseen remittance of over $2B annually for real and personal property tax on client’s behalf
  • Responsible for proprietary property tax management system software (PTMS) optimization
  • Previously managed DMA’s Property Tax Management and Asset Verification services
  • Implemented numerous instances of software solutions for clients
  • Upgraded DMA and several client’s instances of PTMS
  • Oversees the filing of 350,000 transaction tax filings annually
  • Oversees direct payments of over $6B annually on our clients’ behalf
  • Responsible for managing a multi-year project that created internally-developed transaction tax preparation software for clients to address areas other software options did not provide
  • Has overseen the filing of over 200,000 business licenses
  • Performed gap analysis for clients
  • Responsible for new location research
  • Leads DMA’s merger and acquisition services
  • Responsible for unique filing services
  • Has identified multimillion-dollar liability reductions for clients
  • Previously worked in the leasing and telecom industries performing compliance, audit, budget, accounting, and all other related business license functions


US – all states and territories | Canada – all provinces


Automotive | Banking & Financial | Energy & Utilities | Financial | Healthcare | Hospitality | Leasing  Manufacturing | Oil & Gas | Pharmaceutical | Retail | Technology | Telecommunication


PTMS | ONESOURCE® | PTS | LicenseHQ | OCR Technology | Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | SAP | Microsoft Dynamics | PeopleSoft | Vertex® | Tax Solver | PeopleSoft | Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE® | TaxARCTM



  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting – Tennessee Technological University
  • Attends seminars that examine the latest changes in state and local taxation
  • Licensed Texas Property Tax Consultant
  • PTMS-certified professional
  • Member of the Institute of Professionals in Taxation (IPT)
  • Presenter on business license topics for tax industry organizations and DMA educational forums