Goods Movement Use Tax Accrual

Reduce tax inaccuracy gaps by automatically calculating and posting consumers use tax accruals

  • Identifies non-standard or complex transactions subject to consumers use tax:
    • Material movement
    • Free-of-charge sales orders
    • Materials consumed from own inventory

  • Determines the relevancy for consumers use tax accrual
    • Identifies the value of goods
    • Identifies place of consumption

  • Runs in test mode prior to actual consumers use tax accrual

  • Calculates and generates consumers use tax accrual postings in SAP and the external tax engine

  • References original materials and sales documents
  • Analyzes sales orders, material documents, and more

  • Enables tax calculations on non-standard or complex transactions

  • Reduces use tax calculation inaccuracies

  • Posts consumers use tax accrual automatically

Reduce tax inaccuracy gaps and minimize subsequent audit costs and assessments