Audit Management

DMA’s Unclaimed Property Audit Management services provide the support you need in defending your current or past compliance operations during state- and multi-state audits. On your behalf we can manage the whole audit process, or portions of audit flow and documents, at your instruction.

Comprehensive audit management services with a DMA professional include:

  • Pre-audit planning to prepare for the audit
  • Initial audit meeting assistance to define the parameters of the audit and to devise an equitable and fair audit plan
  • Document retrieval and review for providing the auditor and for defense of the audit
  • Review of audit work papers for accuracy and compliance with proper audit standards and agreements
  • Pursuit of unresolved issues as they arise, in an appropriate and equitable manner
  • Follow-up and conclusions from the audit, for consideration of whether and how processes should be improved or data better refined and reported 

DMA focuses on managing audits to reduce your exposure or liability to the lowest appropriate amount in the fewest possible jurisdictions.

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