Strategic Valuation Services

Companies with complex assets, that often cross jurisdictional boundaries, present challenges for forecasting purposes, as well as a risk of over-taxation, due to the large dollars of investment, unique nature of the assets, and differences in how assessing authorities value the property.   

DMA’s Strategic Valuation Services (SVS) team partners with our clients to provide property tax services for the property’s entire lifecycle, including forecasting and planning, tax minimization, end of useful life strategies, and complete compliance outsourcing. 

Planning for Success

To avoid a major difference in forecasted tax liability vs. actual tax liability, our clients rely on DMA’s Strategic Valuation Services (SVS) team to develop an expert opinion on the potential tax liability of their unique properties — prior to moving forward on a capital investment or finalizing a rate case. DMA’s team of experienced tax and valuation professionals works with our clients’ Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) team to assist with forecasting, budgeting, and planning when considering a capital investment to determine the tax implications on that investment. This allows our clients to make informed and strategic purchasing decisions while keeping an eye on minimizing tax liability.

“DMA provides our company with property tax consulting and full property tax compliance services for our midstream pipeline assets. In addition to navigating the normal challenges of valuing a midstream pipeline company, our company was recently sold, and we were dealing with new asset cost basis and in-service dates, which eliminated the ability of DMA and the assessors to rely solely on historical data to establish values. DMA’s SVS team worked closely with state and local assessment officials to secure appropriate assessed values, and ultimately saved our company over $2 million dollars. We would not hesitate recommending DMA’s SVS services to other companies looking for a partner in the midstream pipeline industry.”

- Controller, Midstream Pipeline Company

Unique Properties, Unique Approach to Tax Minimization

Your business is one of a kind, which is why the most critical part of our process is what happens at the start of a project: sitting down with our clients and obtaining a thorough understanding of the challenges and trends facing your industry and operating units. The SVS Team also examines a wide range of factors that impact value at the macro level such as regulatory changes, applicable case law, and national and global economic trends. From there, the SVS team considers the cost, income and sales comparison approaches to value to identify all forms of obsolescence and determines an appropriate basis for assessment. We also work proactively with our clients and the taxing authorities to manage end of useful life strategies (i.e., plant closure, depletion of mineral reserves, etc.).

We Advise, You Decide

As with any DMA consulting service, the SVS Team’s role is to provide our clients with recommendations of valid issues that are worth pursuing, and then take the necessary steps to implement those recommendations once we have established an agreed upon action plan. Our clients maintain decision-making control throughout the entire process.

Complete Compliance

Our SVS Team partners with DMA’s industry-leading property tax compliance group. Centralized in Indianapolis, Indiana, our compliance group provides full or partial outsourcing of property tax return preparation, assessment tracking, bill pay, and reporting. Outsourcing the compliance function allows our clients to focus on higher value-added functions within the tax team.