Crown Royalties Review & Recovery

DMA’s Crown Royalties Review & Recovery service is a customized solution performed by DMA’s Crown Royalty specialists. We identify and recover gas cost allowance credits, including capital costs, operating costs, and custom processing fees from your Crown Royalty invoice; review filings of Alberta Oil Sands Royalties in context of current legislative framework to ensure proper benefit has been received; provide recommendations for value-added processes to more accurately report allowable costs; and review applicable gas royalty incentives to ensure maximum royalty credits.

Our Crown Royalty specialists conduct a thorough analysis of your current gas cost allowance filings versus your detailed general ledger along with an analysis of your royalty incentive applications. We provide you with a detailed report of any royalty credit opportunities and obtain your approval before pursuing those opportunities on your behalf. DMA ensures that you receive the maximum benefit.

 REVIEW • Conduct interview; obtain data and Petroleum Registry access
• In-depth review of filing to identify credit opportunities
 RECOMMEND • Provide report of findings and obtain client approval
• Transfer knowledge and suggest best practices
• Serve as an ongoing resource
 RECOVER • Pursue credit/refunds
• Monitor amended filings
• Manage any audit queries resulting from our review


   Download the Crown Royalties Case Study