R. STAHL, is a leading global provider of explosion protection technology and is headquartered in Germany. Operations include several subsidiaries with production facilities and offices across Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and South America.


R. STAHL’s US entity primarily leveraged manual processes and procedures for managing tax calculations and customer exemption certificates. In order to realize efficiencies, reduce errors, and remove manual processes, the company required an automated tax solution that worked alongside its SAP ERP system for US and Canada. DMA helped R. STAHL select the appropriate tax engine solution and provider based on their specific requirements. Our client chose Avalara’s AvaTax solution to manage taxes for its North American operations. The SAP implementation project started right before the pandemic—so the international travel ban impacted the project plan. This meant that the SAP roll-out project had to either be managed remotely or by implementation experts located in Germany.


DMA’s tax technology implementation and automation experts, who are located in Germany, assisted the client with the implementation at its headquarters, which was their desired approach. The engagement consisted of DMA’s tax technology and SAP experts implementing the SAP-certified Avalara-SAP tax solution. Our teams also assisted our client in the SAP roll-out for its US entity with Avalara’s AvaTax, CertCapture, and Tax Returns solutions.

During the roll-out of the project, the DMA team provided SAP customization, tax system configuration, tax advice for taxability rules, tax compliance, and US-specific tax expertise. We also continued providing this support after go-live until the company had completed the first two tax filing periods.


Because of our implementation team’s extensive knowledge of SAP and Avalara capabilities, application, and programming interface, we were able to implement a robust solution within the client’s SAP environment, including the following key areas:  

  • Address validation for all US addresses in SAP and third-party CRM systems  
  • Sales/use tax calculation for all US sales and purchase transactions in SAP  
  • Automation of consumer use tax accruals  
  • Tax-exempt certificate management for customers 
  • Automated tax return generation  

“During the project, the DMA team members were always strongly engaged and acted as a moderator between the local US business and tax teams, the internal IT/SAP team in Germany, and the external SAP implementation partner, All for One Group SE. This, combined with DMA´s technical and functional expertise in SAP and US tax, contributed greatly to the successful implementation.”
Timo Reichert, Director of IT-Consulting, R. STAHL Group 



DMA has a rich history of successful tax technology implementation engagements with large multinational companies, including chemical manufacturers, consumer goods manufacturers, electronic device manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, software companies, and pharmaceutical companies. DMA offers many industry- and tax-specific technology solutions designed to ease the administrative burden associated with tax engine implementation. Our professionals minimize taxes for our clients, enhancing the efficiency of their tax administration through industry-leading technology. 


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