Our client is an American-based, global manufacturing and solutions provider with over 20,000 employees and multi-billion-dollar annual revenues.


The client faced challenges that called for professional intervention. Primarily, the client’s sequencing of finalization, where earlier tax years were concluded before addressing the later dates led to intricate tax attribute tracking issues. Additionally, the client had filed multiple amended federal returns that the IRS subsequently audited.

Establishing the final determination and ensuring the comprehensive reporting of all instances of change became a critical concern. Furthermore, favorable changes benefiting the taxpayer necessitated filing multiple amended state returns.


In the face of these complex tax issues, DMA’s team of experts provided the client with the necessary guidance and customized solutions to navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring compliance and accuracy in their tax reporting and filings. Together, we adeptly handled the filing and tracking of federal changes across multiple years and cycles. In instances where tax returns required dual amendments to align with revised federal returns and the conclusion of federal audits, DMA navigated these processes with remarkable efficiency. Utilizing an internally streamlined Excel-based system allowed us to extend a discount on the second filing, showcasing our dedication to cost-effectiveness and efficiency. This approach guaranteed compliance and enhanced the client’s financial outcomes, exemplifying DMA’s commitment to delivering valuable results.


DMA’s collaborative intervention delivered a comprehensive turnkey solution to handling federal adjustments across multiple years and jurisdictions for the client. With meticulous precision, our experts crafted detailed schedules that seamlessly integrated tax attributes into the client’s current year returns, guaranteeing both accuracy and compliance. Our demonstrated expertise gave us an in-depth understanding of the client’s tax calendar, positioning them perfectly to navigate future RAR cycles and any forthcoming federal changes. This effectively resolved the client’s immediate challenges and established a dependable and adaptable strategy for continuous tax management, ensuring long-term success and peace of mind.

“DMA’s expert guidance helped us easily navigate complex tax challenges, ensuring compliance and accuracy. Their efficient handling of federal changes, including dual amendments, showed their commitment to value. Their comprehensive approach and deep understanding of our tax calendar have set us up for long-term success in tax management.”
—Satisfied Healthcare Provider


At DMA, we understand our clients’ needs, deliver exceptional client service experiences, and achieve results that exceed expectations. We earn the trust of our clients and safeguard it fiercely. Those attributes lead to long-standing partnerships in which we become a valued extension of our clients’ tax departments.

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