Our client is a multinational manufacturer of computing, memory, and lighting solutions. Headquartered in the US, the company’s global operations span Asia, Europe, South America, and across the United States.


Our client has a heavy North American footprint but a very lean US-based tax team. One of the primary challenges it faces is the constant change brought by mergers and acquisitions. The US tax team needed expertise and support for its tax processes and technology, as well as consultants who could continually help assess, design, configure, and optimize its systems.


DMA’s team had previously worked with our client on ERP and other software migrations and implementations. Those projects helped DMA establish expertise with the company’s tax technology stack as well as a high level of trust with their tax professionals.

The DMA tax technology team proposed a service and consulting agreement to act as an extension of our client’s tax department. DMA regularly consults on system design and configuration, offers ERP and tax engine expertise and advice, and provides overall tax technology guidance and support.


Because DMA has functional and technical expertise in our client’s technology environment, we consult on SAP, Avalara, and all major tax technology projects. DMA provides high-level resources and meets weekly with the client to help assess new challenges and find solutions. The company has also leveraged DMA’s off-the-shelf software solution—the SAP AP Tax Validation Tool—to streamline its analysis of all procurement activity with relevant tax information and identify incorrect AP tax postings. DMA’s work has resulted in numerous benefits for our client, including:

  • Augmentation of its tax and technology resources
  • Expert advice on tax technology challenges and projects
  • Assistance in identifying process and functionality issues
  • A strategic partner that understands the company’s business and technology environment and offers proactive solutions

Due to the ongoing, successful partnership, our client has also migrated all its transaction tax compliance work to DMA.


The DMA tax technology team offers a strategic and holistic approach and can tackle issues on a case-by-case basis or as ongoing consultants. Our extensive experience implementing and managing all major ERP and tax engine systems makes us uniquely qualified to help clients navigate complex tax technology roadblocks. We earn the trust of stakeholders by consistently delivering a high level of expertise and responsiveness to our clients’ tax, business, and IT resources.


Leverage our team of tax technology experts for seamless software solution implementation and support that fits your unique business needs.

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