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TaxARC™ Indirect Tax Analytics

Empower Users with Robust Indirect Tax Analytics
and Monthly Automated Accrual Reviews

TaxARC™ is a Sales/Use Tax Analytics and Data Warehousing solution that empowers your indirect tax team by providing insightful business intelligence through impactful data visualizations without IT team intervention or the burden of time associated with manually extrapolating and manipulating raw tax data. Designed for corporate indirect tax professionals, business analytics provides powerful trend and outlier intelligence, and automated accrual analysis decreases your tax team’s month-end time commitment while improving overall audit readiness.


  • Analyze personalized dashboards with interactive visuals that highlight abnormal activity
  • Automate sales and use tax reviews by identifying and adjusting accruals and overpayments
  • Finalize financial periods and transfer adjusted data back to source systems
  • View reconciliation reports to ensure accurate general ledger balances
  • Leverage a central repository of all relevant audit compliance data
  • Mitigate audit and business risk


TaxARC Indirect Tax Analytics


Advantages of Using TaxARC™


  • Deep insights into sales and purchasing activity
  • Audit exposure minimized by quickly identifying outlying transactions


  • Data accessed from multiple sources without help from your IT team


  • Automated self-accruals and review of vendor-charged transaction tax
  • Improved state of audit-readiness

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