Tax Review Toolset

DMA ensures end-to-end testing occurs from order entry to compliance filing. We identify test cases to account for each requirement and solution design activity. During troubleshooting, we will triage through the system configurations and identify the appropriate debug path.

As part of this testing, DMA will ensure all configurations are accurate within your transaction tax solution. This will eliminate tax engine configurations from the triage of troubleshooting. To help establish this baseline, DMA has developed the Tax Review Toolset.

Through utilization of the Tax Review Toolset, DMA will collaborate with the tax and business personnel to generate the test scenarios the business will enter into the business system. These test cases are then populated into an Excel document and XMLs are generated through the utility to call the tax engine. By setting this baseline, we now know any errant results are due to an issue within the integration component or business system, alleviating the need to validate the tax engine configurations during user-acceptance testing.

Our clients licensing this utility also leverage the inherent functionality for regression testing at the time of patch updates. The identified test cases will be processed before the patch upgrade to establish a baseline, then executed again after the update to ensure the system yields the same results prior to production migration.

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