Exemption Certificate Management

DMA’s Sales/Use Tax Exemption Certificate Management service provides you with experienced resources to obtain, update, and maintain your exemption certificates, which is often a daunting task and many times is overlooked until audit assessments are identified by states. Our professionals are ready to assist you in any manner you deem necessary and within any required timeframe you may have. 

Using your customer list or proposed audit assessment, DMA contacts every customer via telephone or letter. We monitor the receipt of exemption certificates and follow up with customers who have not responded. Our tax professionals review each certificate obtained to ensure they are correctly completed. And, all activity associated with obtaining exemption certificates is maintained in a database. We also store exemption certificates received via scanned image and forward the actual certificates to you for your records. Additionally, at the conclusion of each project, we provide you with a summary report of our activities and the results.

DMA can assist you in proactively managing your sales/use tax exemption certificates. Or, we can provide you with resources to address your exemption certificate needs under audit circumstances. Most important, we offer a solution that is customized to your needs.

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