Our expert severance tax team has an in-depth process, which includes:

  • A complete historical field costs review for all open years under statute
  • Identifying, documenting, and filing of all available severance tax deductions and exemptions
  • Severance tax overpayment recovery due to missed deductions or exemptions (if applicable)
  • Ongoing annual review of costs to maintain accurate deduction and exemption rates
  • Continuous severance tax process improvement recommendations
  • Real-time tax savings captured with monthly filings


DMA’s Severance Tax Recovery service is designed to identify tax errors while also providing recommendations to your team to help them mitigate future errors and inefficiencies. Our process is fully customizable to fit your company’s exact needs.


DMA’s Severance Tax Advisory services provide extensive research related to your specific severance tax issues. Our team of experts utilizes their knowledge of multi-jurisdiction severance tax laws, regulations, and policies to ensure your filing is accurate and maximized.

Here’s what you can expect from our severance tax advisory team:

  • Analysis and research of tax issues
  • White Paper authoring based on current tax legislation
  • Validation of tax positions or tax policy
  • Annual review of severance tax operations to support compliance

Overall, our goal in providing tax advisory services is to support and advise you throughout the entire severance tax process. We identify tax implications and opportunities from your oil and gas production operations, state by state.


Our goal is to operate with integrity, provide a high level of service, deliver measurable value, and be a trusted advisor you can rely on. Ready to get started on your severance taxes?