Sep 12
Real Estate Tax Valuation – Virginia Issues and Nationwide Trends
Tysons Corner, Virginia
Tuesday September 12, 2017


Real Estate Tax Valuation – Virginia Issues and Nationwide Trends

Please join DMA at this invitation only roundtable & luncheon. We will address the best practices for managing real estate taxes on owner occupied real estate versus milti-tenant real estate and when and how to use proactive assessment negotiations as opposed to reactive appeals to manage and attempt to minimize the tax liability. This roundtable is CPE accredited, is intended to be interactive, and is complimentary.


Real Estate Tax Assessors in Virginia often employ multi-tenant asset valuation models when valuing owner occupied properties. The result is excessive assessment of properties unless the assessments are effectively appealed. Additionally, proactively negotiating with assessors in Virginia is an ideal method for up front management of real estate taxes while avoiding adversarial situations with the taxing authorities, whenever possible. We will discuss when and where to use proactive assessment negotiations and when we are likely to be left with use of reactive appeals.


We will also discuss national real estate tax valuation issues that are currently trending.


This seminar is intended for corporate tax professionals.

Practitioners and representatives from State and Local Tax Agencies are not eligible to attend unless invited by DMA as a presenter.

There is no fee to attend.


From 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Registration and Introductions

From 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Real Estate Tax Review

What valuation techniques are required when multi-tenant parameters are employed for owner occupied property?

What are the benefits of proactive assessment negotiations versus reactive appeals?

What are some of the hot national topics in real estate tax valuation?


From 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


      Your response to this exclusive DMA roundtable is greatly appreciated, seating is limited. If you have any questions about this roundtable or need assistance registering, please contact Carol Verrey at 800-309-2110, ext. 1620.


      We appreciate each company limiting its attendees to three. Lunch will be provided at The Palm Restaurant, more information can be found at www.thepalm.com/Tysons-Corner.

      Complimentary valet parking is available.