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Indiana Foresees a New Tax Program

by DMA Staff | Sep 21, 2018

Earlier this month, Indiana’s Department of Revenue announced its new partnership with FAST Enterprise. With the cooperation between the two, Indiana predicts a new online tax system by the fall of 2019. Legislation passed in 2017 allocated funding to the DOR to support the agency’s modernization efforts in replacing a legacy system used for over 25 years. Soon, Indiana taxpayers will have access to a user-friendly, self-service portal for common requests such as: 

  • Electronically filing and amending withholding and retail sales tax; 

  • Scheduling and automating payments online; 

  • Automated submission of refund claims; 

  • Requesting and reviewing transcripts; and 

  • Submitting Power of Attorney requests. 

“Unfortunately, our system simply does not allow room for much-needed improvements to increase efficiency or promote transparency, nor does it effectively support the sheer volume or complexity of transactions we handle for our customers each year.”, said DOR Commissioner Adam Krupp.  

The DOR’s new system will be configured, tested and released in four phases, covering specific tax types over the next four years. Existing processes will remain in place until the first release of the system, which is expected in the fall of 2019.

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